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Comprehensive listing of the world commercial jet fleet with over 30,000 aircraft.

Over 150 tables and charts of current and historical data

Spreadsheet formatted reports

Easy to use online database

Extensive historical info

Quarterly updates

Serial numbers / registrations

Extensive summary statistics

Customized reports

Personal support

Industry wide data source

Economically priced  

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World Jet Inventory Full Subscription
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World Jet Inventory Full Subscription
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World Jet Inventory Full Subscription
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A full year subscription to the World Jet Inventory Enhanced Edition features :

A WJI subscription includes a comprehensive database of the world's active and stored 30+ seat commercial jets and turboprops updated quarterly.  Plus over 150 charts and tables of historical fleet information.  The reports are delivered online or optionally by CD in Excel format.  A reliable and trusted view of the world commercial jet fleet, covering all Western-built narrow body, wide body and regional jets. The Expanded Data CD and online databases provide interactive tables showing age, engine, owner and operator. The online database includes year end fleet status from 2000 to current.   The Expanded Database also includes each aircraft in the world wide fleet by serial number and current registration categorized by Airlines, Governments, Private Operators, Manufacturers and Leasing Companies. WJI fleet data also provides owner, operator regiona and country, original delivery date, use, status, typical seats (by model) and other fields.   Freighter conversions and deliveries are also included in the table updates.

The Jettrack Removals Database provides a comprehensive interactive database of retired/WJU and written-off commercial jet aircraft from 1952.  Includes graphical analysis tool.

The WJI Industry News updates summarize industry press releases in a quick and easy headline format.  The online news database provides historical releases and links to the primary release source. 

World Jet Inventory Full Subscription includes full access to the current and historical Jettrack Online Fleet, Removals and Orders Databases with Graphical Analyzer.  Also includes all WJI Standard Subscription CD features.

Please contact us for an online demonstration or to anwer any questions. 


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