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World Jet Inventory Subscription Types and Features
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World Jet Inventory
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Jettrack Expanded Fleet
Web Database with Graphical Interface
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Jettrack Summary Fleet
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Jettrack Removals
Jettrack Gross Orders
Web Database with Graphical Interface
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Jettrack Backlog
at year end
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WJI Year-End Report 
WJI Quarterly Updates
Current and past year Delivery Details
Model History Database
(Orders, Deliveries, Backlog, Inventory, Removals
by Year & Model)
Freighter conversions and deliveries
  Charts and Tables Include
Announced orders by model by year
Deliveries by model by year
Airplanes removed by model by year
Total fleet summary table
Fleet age distribution by model
Parked airplanes by month/year
Average age by model
Average retirement age by model
Chronology of 1st model/series deliveries
Projected delivery of new commericial a/c programs
Freighter inventory by year
Gross/net orders, deliveries, & backlog by model
Year-End inventory by operator category & region
Engine applications by model
Year-End age distribution by model (World, US, Airlines)
Annual inventory by model (World, US, Airlines)
Year-End operator inventory by model/series category/region
  Fleet Database Fields
Manufacturer,  Model, Series
Engine Model,
Engine Series,
Engine Manufacturer
Operator Name,
Operator Category
(Airline, Govt, Private Oper, Leasing Co./Broker, Mfr)
(Passenger, Freighter, Combo, Utility, VIP. Etc.)
(In Service, Leased (In Service),  Parked)
Parked Location / Last Operator/ Registration
Serial Number
Body Style
(Narrow, Wide, Turboprop)
Body Style2
(Narrow, Wide, Regional, Turboprop)
Original Delivery Month/Year
Age Group
Typical & Max Seats
Available (for Lease/Purchase)
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