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About us

Jet Inventory Services is an independent research company that provides comprehensive statistics about the worldwide commercial jet fleet. The information is published online as the World Jet Inventory series of current and historical databases and fleet summary reports.

Our analysts track all Western-built commercial jet and recent turboprop aircraft models designed for 30 or more passengers as well as selected models of Russian built commercial jets. Airframes include all wide body, narrow body, and regional jet classes of aircraft. Jet Inventory Services publishes comprehensive annual and quarterly fleet statistics including historical and current model/series inventories, stored aircraft, retirements, deliveries, freighter conversions and orders for its clients throughout the world. The data includes all types of operators and aircraft uses including passenger, freighter, VIP, uitility, etc.

Many of the largest manufacturers in the industry as well as financial organizations, non-profit and educational institutions, government agencies, and airlines are clients of Jet Inventory Services. Virtually anyone with an interest in the aviation business may find the World Jet Inventory subscription to be a valuable resource for industry analysis, business planning, and market research.

Our goal is to provide the aviation industry with a reliable, efficient, and cost effective resource for current and historical commercial fleet information.

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